THE METO DIGMA is a digital marketing agency specialised in all areas of communication in Europe (UK and France) and in Africa. We support the growth of a wide range of product brands and professional services companies. We use our expertise and experience to get your business more customers, increase your online presence and make your brand stand out.



About Us

We are not just an agency, but your digital partner!

We treasure and value communication and this is what allows us to always be attentive to our customers.  We do extensive research and planning during the initial stages of the project and give clear monthly reports and results. We live, sleep and breath digital marketing. We guarantee you success all the way.

How we do it (C)

How we do it

Our effective digital marketing services come with a secret sauce that gives you high chances of success.

Priced to deliver (D)

Priced to deliver

We aim at delivering practical solutions that drive real results. It doesn’t matter if we charge per hour or project, you will get the value of what you pay for.

We Let Data Do the Talking (C)

We Let Data Do the Talking

We use industry insights that will work for you. We have access to the greatest marketing reports and insights that allows us to deliver the best digital marketing strategies for your business.

Time Conscious and Respect Deadlines (D)

Time Conscious and Respect Deadlines

We are fast, focused and results-oriented. All projects are done thoroughly and delivered on time.

Your go-to Digital Geeks (C)

Your go-to Digital Geeks

Our team is trained in all digital marketing tools. We are well conversant with all marketing platforms and analytics that help us deliver smart and reasonable results.

Roger that (D)

Roger that!

Our project management process is pain-free. We have a tailored approach to managing every client’s project that ensures smooth workflow and effective communication.

Our Vision

Unleash the power of digital marketing to increase your brand awareness and customer reach.

We take the guesswork out of your marketing strategies to help your business become visible to your potential customers, and increase your ROI.

With our team of digital professionals, we are committed to remaining at the forefront of the digital space and delivering mind-blowing results for our clients.

Our focus is to help businesses grow by delivering business-changing results while still sharing our digital marketing knowledge with the broader industry
through events. Our primary focus is to attract, nurture, and support you through your digital marketing efforts.

We feel that there is too much jargon and confusion in the digital marketing
industry today. That is why we are here, to simplify the complexity. 

We communicate in a friendly manner, creating clarity and transparency in all that we do.

27 Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Digital Marketing

Our Story

Harvesting the latest and the best digital marketing trends is what The METO DIGMA is all about.

Thus the wordplay in our name: ‘METO’ means ‘I harvest’ in Latin and ‘DIGMA’ is a mix of the first three letters of ‘Digital’, plus the first two of ‘Marketing’.

Just from our name, The METO DIGMA, we are aimed at harvesting the latest digital marketing trends to support the growth of our clients.

With solid experience in the telecommunications sector, leading teams and budgets within key players in the corporate world, Viviane Adjado decided to create The METO DIGMA to address a gap in the market. Through its talented team of English and French speaking millennials, tech-savvy and experienced in multiple sectors, The METO DIGMA helps small and medium-sized businesses grow and scale in Europe and Africa.

We clearly understand the need for adopting digital marketing in your business. We are here to hold your hand and walk with you throughout your digital marketing efforts. 

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Meet the management team

Viviane baby oic MD

Viviane Adjado

Founder & Managing Director

Empathy is the foundation of support, and of all relationships, as well as good communication. These are essential skills that I have developed by working alongside my mother since I was young. Working in my mother's business doing old-school marketing and customer service helped me understand my passion for entrepreneurship and drive to help people. 

 I've always been a digital evangelist and a digital technology enthusiast. I am an active champion for shifting the African narrative and establishing excellence as a label. My ambition is to be one of Africa's early adopters and supporters of digital transformation. 

The METO DIGMA is an offspring of this passion, with a team of eager learners, I have been able to employ my interest in achieving my goals, providing optimum digital services to clients by utilizing the latest digital trends.  

Marian baby pics Doo

Marian Iyk-Momodu

Director of Operations

My father always encouraged me to dream big when I was a little child. I aspired to be the woman who will defy stereotypes and make a difference in the world. I learned early in life that there must be a determined activity in order to succeed. In retrospect, watching my mother operate numerous businesses in addition to her time economy job was an inspiration to me and helped hone my business skills. 

 It is the same passion that drives me to offer best-in-class digital marketing strategies to clients while also leading The METO DIGMA team to achieve all of our strategic goals. I am an expert at grooming startups to maturity and employing these skills to harness the growth of The METO DIGMA is a delight.  

What makes us different?

Our digital marketing strategies are innovative and always consider the expectations of the customers.


Digital Strategy

Before we start any project, we define and analyse your goal. We aim at delivering a personalized and uniquely tailored service for all our clients, big or small, all around the world. We don’t believe in the ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to service delivery. Our digital marketing strategies are innovative and always consider the expectations of the customers. We guarantee you clear, honest, and tangible results that will help you scale up your business.



We understand that entrusting your businesses’ digital activity to the hands of a digital marketing agency requires trust. That is why our in-house team will treat your business like our own. We will communicate with you daily, sharing progress and working together to achieve your goals.

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Custom Solutions

We do not believe in an unplanned project approach. We always deliver solutions that align with our client’s needs, business processes and that simplify their digital transformation process.



Creativity is part of our DNA. Our team of experienced designers is continually keeping up with the latest digital trends and will be sure to take your visuals to the next level.

Let’s end your search for the right digital marketing partner!

Take your content to the next level!

Are you ready to know what content best suits your digital marketing efforts? Talk to us today and find out how we can help you.

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