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5 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

The Internet is pretty noisy. Bloggers, marketers, and companies are all shouting at the top of their digital voices. All of them want to be seen and heard – and to be honest, if you don’t shout the loudest, you will never be heard.

Thankfully, social media marketing provides a better avenue of improving brand exposure. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. First, you must pick the right social media platform then understand what exactly their algorithms love. Otherwise, all your efforts would be likened to running on a treadmill, sweating out, and yet still in the same place.

There’s more; running social media ads is not a straightforward game like general posting. It takes lots of trial and error. This begs the question, can you do all these and still run your company? Truthfully, most of us can’t. If this is your situation right now, then you might want to think about outsourcing your social media marketing to professionals.

In this article, we’ll open your eyes to a few reasons why working with social media marketing experts could be the right and profitable move. 

Splendid Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

  1. Save business time


As we mentioned before, social media marketing entails a lot. There’s content creation, research, customer engagement, and performance testing (AB testing). Now, imagine doing all that on more than one social media platform. Do you think you’ll have extra time for personal things or other company duties? We both know the answer to that.

However, when you offload your social media tasks to a reliable marketing agency, you can save yourself a lot of time to pursue things that move the needle. 

  2. Save money


According to research by Zip Recruiter, top-level social media marketers earn upwards of $6,400 while average and low earners pull in anywhere between $2,000 to $4,000. While that’s a lot, we haven’t factored in the extra time and resources you’ll spend to train an in-house team.

When you hire a social media marketing agency, though, you spend way less on superior services. In fact, most agencies or individuals can handle all the important aspects of marketing such as graphic design, content research, scheduling, and much more. This means the few bucks remaining can go into other activities that propel your company to greater heights. 

  3. Get the best tech stack

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a marketing agency is to benefit from their tech stack. Get this; if you were to run on your own, you would need an in-house team and still spend more on social media marketing tools like Buzzsumo, Buffer, Hootsuite, Sumo, Mention, Biteable…the list is endless.

If you were to select all these tools personally, how would you know which one is the most outstanding, thorough, or affordable? See what we mean? It can get really hard to know what to go with. Established marketers, on the other hand, know what’s best for any occasion thus resulting in the best results.

  4. Access to expert knowledge

Writing compelling messages is not easy. Neither is customer targeting. Don’t get us wrong; we know you might be good at social media marketing. However, given your position at your company, you probably wear one too many hats and this in some way reduces the time invested in becoming a great marketer.

Dedicated marketers, on the other hand, are agile, passionate, and extremely good at analyzing data. Furthermore, they understand how to play around with budget, character limit changes, and other dynamics. Now, imagine for a second how much value a seasoned marketer can bring in; a lot!

  5. Refresh your perspective

You don’t have to change a system that is working. We’ve heard that many times. Guess what, though: understanding your customers can easily translate to getting stuck in a rut. Their needs and wants keep changing and so does the technology. So what we are trying to say is, you are likely to bore your customers if you don’t swap things up a little.

When you hire a digital marketing agency, you basically have a new voice. A different perspective. Even better, many marketers are great at crafting content that keeps your audience enchanted. So don’t be afraid to onboard new teams with fresh opinions.

On top of all these reasons, marketers are trendsetters and can help you catch up and benefit from the latest trends like Instagram stories, social shopping, etc. More importantly, with someone always attending to your social accounts, you’ll never miss posting content and engaging with your audience. This is a tactic that keeps customers around.

Making up your mind

It’s never easy to trust strangers with your business. For this reason, it can take longer to decide whether to outsource your social media marketing to an agency. However, there’s a way you can speed things up without settling for crappy services.

First, interview several agencies, ask for samples, and don’t shy from asking for references as well. If you get one that ticks all your boxes, you can start with small steps. For instance, draw up a one-month contract to see how they perform before extending the relationship.

Having run successful PR campaigns and online marketing for various small and medium-sized companies, The METO DIGMA team, too, can help you with social media marketing. Contact us and we will be more than happy to partner with you. All in all, we wish you the very best in your marketing endeavors – outsourced or not. Toodles.

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