Brand Awareness Through LinkedIn

8 Ways You Can Use LinkedIn To Increase Your Brand’s Awareness

If there is something we can all agree to it is that in this current digital clime all businesses must have a social presence. In a society where social media platforms like Facebook serve as sales points, you cannot turn a blind eye to the power of social media. 

The one social media platform that works great for companies and businesses is LinkedIn. Some years back, its use was not dominant, however, it is quite different now. In reality, any company can use LinkedIn to personify its brand awareness. 

One useful tip; while using LinkedIn to drive brand awareness, ensure your marketing strategies complement each other. Take an example, your corporate image should also be reflected in how your sales representative works both online and offline.  

In an effort to leverage LinkedIn for increased brand awareness, here are some steps to take to lead you to desired results:  


 1. Build your company’s page 

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First off, you need a LinkedIn company page in order to market your brand. This is the real estate you are going to work with. 

Your company page needs to be really great to drive massive engagements. Here are some of the components that go a long way:  

  • Your company logo 
  • Cover page 
  • Business name 
  • Detailed business description 
  • Website URL 

LinkedIn offers help on how to create a company page via the help page. 

 2. Use a personal branding approach 

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As a business, transparency helps build trust. If you are running a faceless corporation, no matter how competitive your prices are, your business will grow at a painfully slow rate. 

More importantly; how do you personify your brand via LinkedIn? You can start by making an exhaustive list of your experiences or services on your company page. A strong brand identity makes you more recognizable and one key benefit is high levels of trust from your audience.  

There are different personal branding approaches you can choose to follow. Take an example, the use of a banner image that clearly tells your story. Alternatively, you can have a picture of your employees so customers know they have an idea of persons being dealt with. 

To appropriate brand equity, the profiles of company employees should project high levels of professionalism that attract followership or social appeal. 

 3. Post quality content 

Quality Content, relevance & consistency are three big words to guide you while posting via LinkedIn. Of note, there are a plethora of brands seeking to establish a presence via the platform. While some may give up attempts after weeks or months of trial, with consistent messaging the odds are that you shall be on top especially if your content is relevant to your audience.

Again, a question could be how does one maintain frequent posting? You could take a cue from other social media sites, especially the established brands.  

Another relevant tip; the moment you have multiple pieces of high-quality content ready-to-go, you can use scheduling tools like Buffer or Hootsuite to post on autopilot. 

Also note that to establish yourself or your brand as an authority, your content needs to be geared towards solving customer’s problems. In the words of Michael Riley, Boxter co-founder, “real value gets real results.” 

 4. Ask your employees to engage with your brand’s content 

Remember, you do not have to be a seasoned network marketer to get the word out about your brand. Often times. all you need to do is use your employees. Let them update their profiles with information on the company they work for.

 Next, ask them to engage with your content (through reposts and likes). If all of them can share your company page’s posts at the same time, the LinkedIn algorithm marks the content as a ‘hot topic’ and suggests it to other related connections.  

Prior to taking the steps above, double-check that each employee’s profile resonates with your brand’s message and ethos. If required, help employees by encouraging profile updates in line with best practices.  


 5. Create unique headlines that attract 

You may wonder why great headlines matter? If you want to get found on LinkedIn, your title needs to be catchy and relevant.  

Another piece of advice is to use words or phrases that attract attention and promote engagement. 

 6. Leverage the about section to promote your offers 

Most people frown at hard-selling. However, if you do not make obvious your brand offerings, you are more likely to stifle growth. The about section of your company page is prime real estate waiting to be used. 

It’s not just about the description. LinkedIn permits media uploads of various formats. Utilize the opportunity to showcase samples that improve your brand’s legitimacy. Furthermore, since the about us page permits linking to other pages, you can target customers over again through this section. These practices if done regularly can get your business the desired attention.   

 7. Use a campaign manager 

Most new businesses already look forward to making profits from the start. There is a high probability of breaking even quickly when your brand resonates with clients and accrues sustainable traffic. Businesses operating in competitive segments or niches usually need help with a formidable strategy.  

If LinkedIn’s free methods of building brand awareness do not help your business reach expected results, you can explore LinkedIn’s Campaign manager feature. This paid service gives access to effective targeting tools that could help you break through into relevant audiences. 

 8. Explore LinkedIn groups 

LinkedIn groups provide a place for professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to interact by sharing relevant content, providing solutions to challenges and making reliable business connections.   

Frequent group contribution results in improving your brand recognition which in turn establishes your brand as an industry expert.  

In summary, LinkedIn is a proven platform that helps businesses grow if you leverage the right features, depending on your company’s growth cycle. We encourage you to run an integrated marketing campaign across various social media platforms.  

In building brand awareness on LinkedIn, it should be noted that the results may not appear instantaneous, however, with the implementation of the right strategies and techniques, businesses can achieve top-of-the-mind awareness (TOMA).  

If you need a business partner to assist with increasing your online presence, kindly reach out to The METO DIGMA team.   

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